Samsung S20 Plus GPS Issues

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I was having significant GPS issues on my brand new Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus on the Verizon network. Google Maps, Waze, and Pokemon Go (arguably the most important) would show my location blocks away from where I actually was. I’d hyper-jump miles apart as Waze would make its little ‘recalculating’ noise and suggest alternative routes. After doing some Google research, I see others are in the same boat.

I changed a setting that seems to have fixed it.

Settings -> Mobile Networks -> Network Mode.
That setting was set to ‘Global’, I changed it to ‘LTE/CDMA’.

I rebooted for good measure. GPS immediately started working on Waze and Google Maps. Plus, I could finally spin a pokestop I was near also vs. being 2 blocks away. 😉

I should note: While I am in California, I am not in an area that offers 5G service. I do not know how this would possibly affect service. But, perhaps it is a clue to a fix for Samsung and/or Google (Android). Does this work for you?

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