Samsung S20 Plus GPS Issues

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I was having significant GPS issues on my brand new Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus on the Verizon network. Google Maps, Waze, and Pokemon Go (arguably the most important) would show my location blocks away from where I actually was. I’d hyper-jump miles apart as Waze would make its little ‘recalculating’ noise and suggest alternative routes. After doing some Google research,… Read more »

vBulletin – posts redirecting to content.php

Ran into an interesting issue on vBulletin today where a single user’s posts redirected to instead of What we knew at the time was that it appeared limited to a single user, and to two of their posts (but none of their other 100’s of posts). Or at least nobody else was complaining and we couldn’t replicate it… Read more »

Spamassassin, RelayCountry, Exim, add_header, and (sorta) cPanel

Previously, my server was using MailScanner which allowed the direct addition of SpamAssassin headers into the email’s Mime Header. However, Exim doesn’t handle SpamAssassin the same way and the typically documented technique for adding headers doesn’t work. (Side note: this has nothing to do with cPanel per se, it just so happens this was on a cPanel box which uses… Read more »

Menalto Gallery GdFunctionality.class fix

When upgrading from PHP 5.2 to a newer 5.x version, Menalto’s Gallery resulted in the following error: Warning: Missing argument 3 for GdFunctionality::imageJpeg(), called in /home/userdir/public_html/gallery2/modules/gd/classes/GdToolkit.class on line 527 and defined in /home/userdir/public_html/gallery2/modules/gd/classes/GdFunctionality.class on line 351 Rather than just turning off warnings, I fixed it with the following code segment:

Site migration day.

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If you need to contact me, please visit: I upgraded the server hardware and software earlier this month. Many instances of depreciated and insecure code led me to the decision to migrate the site to a new platform. Especially with more on the way as PHP revisions advance. I’ll migrate some of the nifty stuff from the old platform… Read more »