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Welcome to Who Dah?'s GameServers Quake III Map Rotation Generator!
This module allows you to create a map rotation file w/ great comments extremely quickly! It will also generate a cool HTML output of your map rotation that you can then post on your website! The pictures link to this domain and are stored on my server. As long as this isn't abused, I'll keep permisions open so you can continue to use it! So please don't abuse it.

Instructions: It's very simple. Type in your maps one per line in the 'Put your maps here' section (the first textarea). If you are generating a SCTA or Q3AS rotation, add any extra commands you want to show up in the second textarea, and click submit. Thats it!

The page will regenerate and you will see the output secionted into 6 parts:
  • Upper Left: The textarea's to put your maps and scta/q3as commands
  • Upper Right: This is the standard Q3 map rotation output using 'nextmap'.
  • Middle Left: Here you will see the HTML output sample. This can be added to your website, see the next section!
  • Middle Right: Yes, you are supposed to see HTML code here. Copy/Paste that to your server's website and BAM, instant web map rotation! My favorite part of all this... :o)
  • Lower Left: This is the SCTA map rotation file. You may need to doctor it up a bit to tweak it to your EXACT needs, but it's a *great* start!
  • Lower Right: This is the Q3AS map rotation file. You may need to doctor it up a bit to tweak it to your EXACT needs, but it's a *great* start!
If I don't have a map picture on file, or a mapname entry for that particular bspname, it'll tell ya. Everything will Still work out fine, but it will be missing that picture and/or mapname comment. If you find any bugs and/or missing map pictures/mapnames, please email them to me at here and I will add them to my collection/database. At that point you can recreate your map page and the info will be there.

Take special note of the HTML output section (middle right)... It lists your maps in a HTML comment in order. This can be very handy if down the road you want to add ONE map somewhere in the rotation. Just copy/paste that and resubmit it to this site and you won't have to enter the other 20 maps in your rotation again! :o)

Enjoy! -Who Dah?
Last modified: 12/19/2002

Upper Row: Map/Command Entry and Standard Q3 map rotation output
Enter your Maps and/or
SCTA/Q3AS commands here
Standard Q3 Map Rotation Code
Put your maps here, one per line...

Put any additional default scta/q3as
info here, one per line...

set m00 "map q3wcp9 ; set nextmap vstr m01" // Spider Crossings
set m01 "map q3wcp6 ; set nextmap vstr m02" // Devolved CTF
set m02 "map q3wcp16 ; set nextmap vstr m00" // Coral CTF

Middle Row: HTML related information
Sample HTML output. You can
Copy/Paste the code to
gererate this HTML page
on the right.
HTML Output
(Yes, you are suposed to see HTML code here! :o)
q3wcp9 = Spider Crossings q3wcp9 = Spider Crossings
q3wcp6 = Devolved CTF q3wcp6 = Devolved CTF
q3wcp16 = Coral CTF q3wcp16 = Coral CTF
<TR ALIGN="CENTER"><TD>q3wcp9 = Spider Crossings</TD><TD><img src="http://www.whodah.com/modules/GameServers/images/Q3/q3wcp9.jpg" alt="q3wcp9 = Spider Crossings" HEIGHT="128"></TD></TR>
<TR ALIGN="CENTER"><TD>q3wcp6 = Devolved CTF</TD><TD><img src="http://www.whodah.com/modules/GameServers/images/Q3/q3wcp6.jpg" alt="q3wcp6 = Devolved CTF" HEIGHT="128"></TD></TR>
<TR ALIGN="CENTER"><TD>q3wcp16 = Coral CTF</TD><TD><img src="http://www.whodah.com/modules/GameServers/images/Q3/q3wcp16.jpg" alt="q3wcp16 = Coral CTF" HEIGHT="128"></TD></TR>

<!-- A listing of your maps for future modification...



Lower Row: SCTA and Q3AS map rotations
SCTA Rotation Q3AS Rotation
map q3wcp9 // Spider Crossings
map q3wcp6 // Devolved CTF
map q3wcp16 // Coral CTF
// templates
define WhoInRotation

define autoload
disabled 1

map q3wcp9 // Spider Crossings
template WhoInRotation
map q3wcp6 // Devolved CTF
template WhoInRotation
map q3wcp16 // Coral CTF
template WhoInRotation

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